Guttermouth – The Whole Enchilada

Guttermouth – The Whole Enchilada
Исполнитель: Guttermouth
АльбомThe Whole Enchilada
Модель: RDR137-1
Наличие: 1
Цена: 1700 р.
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Red & Green with black splatter vinyl

Limited edition


  Rojo - Live Album 1
A1 Intro 0:47
A2 What's The Big Deal 1:53
A3 I'm Destroying The World 1:55
A4 Party Of 2 3:32
A5 New Car Smell 1:58
A6 Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Aboard 1:56
A7 Medley 3:58
B1 Bakers Dozen 3:09
B2 7 T's (Trinket Trading Tick Toting Toothless Tired Tramps) 2:20
B3 Hit Machine 2:43
B4 Got It Made 2:40
B5 World Up My Ass 2:14
B6 Perfect World 2:47
  Bonus Tracks  
B7 A Boy And His Love Gun 1:56
B8 Saturday Truck Fever 2:15
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A2 Soundtrack To The End Of The World 2:07
A3 New Car Smell 2:00
A4 Perma Workabout 1:55
A5 Mail Order Bride 1:57
A6 The Human Mulligan 1:56
  Got It Made  
B1 The Point 1:35
B2 Freckles The Pony 2:08
B3 I've Got It Made 2:18
B4 A Punk Rock Tale Of Woe 2:02
B5 Shitty Situation 1:32
B6 Old Man 2:34
Характеристики пластинки
Альбом The Whole Enchilada
Лейбл Rude
Формат 2xLP
Страна US
Год 2017
Жанр Rock
Стиль Punk