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  • Производитель:
  • Модель:
  • Альбом:
    Live At The BBC
  • Лейбл:
    Apple Records
  • Формат:
    3 LP
  • Страна:
    UK & Europe
  • Жанр:
    Rock, Non-Music
  • Стиль:
    Interview, Rock & Roll, Pop Rock, Speech
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  • Состояние обложки:
2 600 р.
Нет в наличии

Винил 3х180 гр., разворотный конверт, 3 вкладки.

Переиздание 2013-го года, оригинальное издание альбома было выпущено в 1994-м году.


A1 Beatle Greetings (Speech) 0:14

A2 From Us To You 0:27

A3 Riding On A Bus (Speech) 0:54

A4 I Got A Woman 2:48

A5 Too Much Monkey Business 2:06

A6 Keep Your Hands Off My Baby 2:30

A7 I'll Be On My Way 1:58

A8 Young Blood 1:57

A9 A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues 2:15

A10 Sure To Fall (In Love With You) 2:08

A11 Some Other Guy 2:01

A12 Thank You Girl 2:02

B1 Sha La La La La! (Speech) 0:28

B2 Baby It's You 2:44

B3 That's All Right (Mama) 2:54

B4 Carol 2:35

B5 What Is It, George (Speech)

B6 Soldier Of Love 2:00

B7 A Little Rhyme (Speech) 0:26

B8 Clarabella 2:39

B9 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 2:01

B10 Crying, Waiting, Hoping 2:09

B11 Dear Wack! (Speech) 0:42

B12 You Really Got A Hold On Me 2:38

C1 To Know Her Is To Love Her 2:49

C2 Taste Of Honey 1:58

C3 Long Tall Sally 1:53

C4 I Saw Her Standing There 2:32

C5 The Honeymoon Song 1:39

C6 Johnny B Goode 2:51

C7 Memphis, Tennessee 2:13

C8 Lucille 1:49

C9 Can't Buy Me Love 2:06

C10 From Fluff To You (Speech) 0:28

C11 Till There Was You 2:13

D1 Crinsk Dee Night (Speech) 1:05

D2 A Hard Day's Night 2:24

D3 Ringo? Yep! (Speech) 0:22

D4 I Wanna Be Your Man 2:09

D5 Just A Rumour (Speech) 0:20

D6 Roll Over Beethoven 2:16

D7 All My Loving 2:04

D8 Things We Said Today 2:18

D9 She's A Woman 3:15

D10 Sweet Little Sixteen 2:21

D11 1822! (Speech) 0:10

D12 Lonesome Tears In My Eyes 2:36

E1 Nothin' Shakin' 2:59

E2 The Hippy Hippy Shake 1:49

E3 Glad All Over 1:52

E4 I Just Don't Understand 2:47

E5 So How Come 1:54

E6 I Feel Fine 2:13

E7 I'm A Loser 2:33

E8 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby 2:21

E9 Rock And Roll Music 2:01

E10 Ticket To Ride 2:56

F1 Dizzy Miss Lizzy 2:42

F2 Kansas City / Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! 2:37

F3 Set Fire To That Lot! (Speech) 0:28

F4 Matchbox 1:57

F5 I Forgot To Remember To Forget 2:09

F6 Love These Goon Shows! (Speech) 0:27

F7 I Got To Find My Baby 1:56

F8 Ooh! My Soul 1:37

F9 Ooh! My Arms (Speech) 0:35

F10 Don't Ever Change 2:03

F11 Slow Down 2:36

F12 Honey Don't 2:11

F13 Love Me Do 2:30

F14 From Us To You (Closing)

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