Banana Gang

Banana Gang are rightfully considered veterans of the St. Petersburg club scene. Since the beginning of the milleniums and up to the present day, the guys have been pleasing their listeners with incendiary melodies and witty lyrics of their songs, without losing their former ardor and fire on the way. The music of Banana Gang is quite difficult to characterize in one word or refer to any particular style. Their music is so diverse that the band can bang out a program of furious, English-language billy-punk at a billy-music festival and the next day easily light up the crowd with ska dance rhythms and familiar themes at a big open-air event. Although most listeners not unreasonably refer Bananas to ska-punk, to consider them characteristic representatives of this style is not quite right. Having gathered once as a psychobilly quartet and gained some fame in rockabilly circles, the band eventually got a brass section and started playing songs in their native language with a pronounced weak beat. But after many years of their creative life, in addition to their main role, Banana Gang periodically returns to their roots and performs at events with the program appropriate to this subculture. The band is a very popular and popular musician, but it's not the only thing you can see in the audience.

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